Trendy Anniversary Gifts For Tech Lovers

It is that time of year again when you need to look for some anniversary gifts for your tech-savvy spouse. Relax, no need to worry about it that much. Even if your techie partner is fully charged on his gadgets, there are options you could find for him. The same goes for women as well. You can get her some cool wedding anniversary gifts in the form of touch screen gloves and selfies lights. These will help her keep her social engagement game up. The electronic-inspired presents below will surely leave your tech-passionate partner obsessed:

Long Distance Lamps

These lamps come as a boon for people in long-distance relationships. These lamps can easily be connected to Wi-Fi in varied locations. Both of you need to have one each to establish a connection. The moment a partner hovers his hand over the lamp, both will start emitting ambient light. Choosing this gift is a lovely way of letting your partner know that you are thinking about him or her. You can do this even if you are miles apart.

6 Cool Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Tech Lovers

Bluetooth Tracking Tag

It would be the perfect gift for your absent-minded spouse. It serves as a beneficial guide for forgetful people. You can attach the device to different items, including the ones that your partner is likely to forget. These include iPads and keys and even the TV remote. The device can be used for tracking lost items through specific apps on phones. So, the moment your partner loses something, he can use the tool for finding it right away. The device plays a sound and even vibrates to find out missing things. It is a small but highly efficient gift for busy husbands.

Wireless Dock Charger

This wedding anniversary gift comes as a solution to the problem of remaining attached to the phone with cords stretched out all over the bed. It will be the perfect gift for your spouse if they are busy doing their work on the phone. The dock charger blends in perfectly on nightstands used in bedrooms. 

Glow Alarm Clock

If your partner is in the habit of sleeping late, encourage him or her to rise early by going for this hi-tech glow alarm clock. These clocks come with features like sunrise simulating glows, Bluetooth speaker and gradually increasing sound. Giving this to your sleepy husband will help him do away with the regular morning blues. He will never again be late for office.

person wearing silver Apple Watch with white Sport Band

Fitness Trackers As Wedding Anniversary Gifts

For fitness enthusiasts, this can be an unforgettable and excellent wedding anniversary gift. Is it the wife or husband looking to lose a considerable amount of weight? This gift will work wonders for their daily fitness routines.

Foldable Keyboard

If your spouse is into writing, the foldable keyboard will help them maximize their extra moments of commute. Instead of traveling idle for hours, it would get better for them to use these hours in writing. It would improve their productivity and will also help them in catching up on emails and other messages.

Apple Magic keyboard

These tech gifts are some sought-after and popular items given away for wedding anniversaries and even birthdays.

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