Themed Birthday Party Ideas For Girls

Girls Birthday Party Ideas: Theme Based

Coming up with a theme-based birthday bash for your girl child might be a little confusing considering the plethora of themes to opt. Baby girls are special, and so are their birthdays. It makes sense to organize a bash for her to cherish throughout her life. You might find it difficult to get wrapped in ideas that do not include all things girly. I mean what about not using the usual girly things like ruffles, pink, yummy desserts, and sparkles? Some ideas will impress you even without the inclusions of these accessories. Some beautiful girls birthday party ideas based on a particular theme are as follows:

Girls Birthday Party Ideas: Theme Based

An All Pink Birthday Party

Girls are fond of the pink color. They love pink in everything they possess. So, it would be a good idea to paint the entire house pink on their birthday. If you do not want the whole house in pink, there are some nitty-gritty things you can incorporate for that all-pink girl’s birthday party. Use pink ribbons and balloons for the party décor. Get a beautiful pink gown or dress for your princess. Have the guests to wear pink hats and serve pink candies, cupcakes, and jellies for the bash. You can also distribute small mirrors or stationeries in pink as return gifts.

girl happily smiling holding doll with pink cake in front of her

Brave Girls Birthday Party

Brave birthday party ideas for your girl will appeal to the innate rebel princess in her. This party theme calls for a table set to evoke feelings of being right in the middle of a forest. You can easily create this adventurous feeling by using natural elements like tree stumps and moss for displaying the treats. Arrange for lighting that offers an enchanting forest background. The incredible cake should also have components used by brave individuals like archery, arms, and jackets. This will be one adventurous birthday event for your little girl.

Gaming Party

This is a party theme where you need to turn your home or your lawn into a game land packed with fun gaming stations. The family room or the basement can be transformed into a gaming area. You can do this by grouping several poufs and floor pillows around the TV set and by covering the doors and windows. Of course, you will have to get some extra controllers for the gaming consoles. If you are arranging the gaming party outside, then choose games like giant beer pong, bocce, and bags. Add gaming stations across the front and the back yard. You can even encourage friendly competition by arranging a tournament. The winning teams can be rewarded with girly prizes.

Girls Birthday Party Ideas: Theme Based

 ‘Disney’ Party

Girls are fond of Disney princesses. So, it will be a good idea to let your girl be her favorite princess on her special day. For this party theme to be a success, you can ask the invitees to dress their baby girls as different Disney princesses. As for your girl, you can dress her up as her favorite princess. Inform the same to the other guests, so they skip the princess get-up chosen by your daughter. As far as the venue is concerned, you can decorate it with princess cutouts and order a cake in castle shape.

These are some girls birthday party ideas that go beyond the traditional girly themes. It would not be tough to work on these themes.

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