Secrets About The Married Life Of Bill And Melinda Gates – I Love Their Date Night Rules

Bill launched Microsoft in 1975 and did not know that it would change his entire life and the world. The Microsoft genius found success in his first retail software, and a few years, the company had grown bigger. Melinda joined the Microsoft team in 1987, and on one fateful night, She met Bill during a fair trade dinner. In the fair trade dinner, they sat next to each other and felt a special connection to one another with no knowledge about whether they would one day walk down the aisle.

In several interviews, Melinda disclosed that despite being attracted to Bill’s brilliant mind. She loved his curiosity and sense of humor. Melinda also revealed that Bill was funnier than she expected him to be, which was a trait that seemed to be of no sense to a CEO of Microsoft.

The two were on two opposite ends of the company, Bill being the boss to Melinda, a marketing manager. They would go for dinner, and they knew very well that something was to change if they were a couple. It was a bumpy road for them, and it took some time for Bill and Melinda to make their relationship public. Melinda was now dating a man with a worldwide impact in the advancement of technology, and it seemed to be a high profile life for Melinda.

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