10 Fun Supplies To Buy Online For Bachelorette Party Décor

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Bachelorette parties are loads of fun. These are given by the bride-to-be to her friends just before the wedding. It is symbolic of the last time they can have some naughty games and fun together before the bride gets hitched. If you are planning such a party, then you will be needing these bachelorette party supplies and props.

party supplies and props
Party Supplies and Props

Bachelorette Party Supplies

Party Survival Bags

Party survival bags add some fun elements to the party along with being useful. With so much of boozing and crazy mischief, someone or the other is bound to get sick, sloshed, or very intoxicated. A survival kit contains a chewing gum to stay fresh. Party smart capsules can also help a great deal as they prevent you from getting a hangover. You will also add a cute little eye mask with ‘Hungover’ written on it. There can be some band-aids as well. Everything is forgiven at a bachelorette party, so enjoy relax and hold on to your survival kit for use later on.

Party Badge for Entry

If you think such a sweet party favor is something you want to pin up on your girlfriend’s dress, then you must get this supply for your party. This badge can be the perfect prop and party favor. This one will always remind your friend of the wonderful bash she attended. This will add on to the décor, theme, and excitement of the party.

Naughty Headband Wings

Are you looking for some cool props which can be given as party favors as well? An angel halo headband wings will make your party look stylish and the girls go ecstatic. Give each one of them a heavenly look with these halo headbands. The angel wing with the halo adds an extra quirky element to the headband and will definitely make it an instant favorite amongst the crowd.

Party supplies for a bachelorette party
Party Supplies for a Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party Tees in a Bag

Do you want team bride to dress up in the same tees? Get similar colored tees of various sizes online and you can customize each tee with the wearer’s name. You can select between the colors black and white. These can be used by the person later after the party gets over. Such items are treasured possessions which will always remind one of the fantastic party.

Memory Books

Do you want to gift something useful to your girlfriends, which they can use for a long time after the party gets over? You can buy memory books with ‘Bachelorette Party’ written on it. This useful item will be the most treasured. It is a great way to start designing, sketching, or even penning down your thoughts.

Party Tote Bags

How about gifting cute party favor bags with the term ‘Bachelorette Party’ mentioned on it? Cute tote bags can be used by your friends later too. These can be made easily at home. All you need to do is to get large tote bags from amazon.in and use neon markers to write the ‘Hen Party’ on them. You can stuff in anything from makeup kits, chocolates, naughty accessories, or wine.

These are some quirky ideas for bachelorette party supplies.

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