Birthday Party Games For Adults

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When you think of birthday party games for adults, chances are that you are thinking of something really fun and crazy. That’s perfectly fine and will get lots of people into the party mood and keep them coming back for more. However, you don’t want to just have a bunch of guests.

If you do end up planning birthday party games for adults, you want to make sure that you are putting together a couple of games for adults that can be played by all of the guests. You also want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to play some of the birthday party games.

Party Games For Adults

Birthday Party Games For Adults
Birthday Party Games For Adults

Here are some great indoor birthday party games for adults that you can include in your party. They will help get your guests involved and entertained.

Candy Bar Race is a great indoor game that you can set up with the kids. Have your guests toss one candy bar in a glass as fast as they can. After about three rounds, give the first player to run out of candy without being caught their winnings. This is a great indoor game that both the kids and adults will enjoy.

In addition to this great indoor game, you can also include mini-games for the adults. Moreover, you can have an adult race against an adult or play a game where the players; have to locate a number of balls placed in a certain pattern. You can also play games like pin the dog or you can even try making believe hunting.

Party Games Guests Can Get Involved In

There are a few party games that are meant to get the guests involved and at the same time have them laughing. You can always choose an old-fashioned game like color matching, however; you may want to also throw in some new-age games for the adults to keep things interesting. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

For those of you who have ever done any volunteer work, you know that it can be pretty tough to get people to participate in birthday party games for adults. Hence, that’s why it is a good idea to add some of the new age games. You can ask your guest to do things like dressing up a fairy or going around in a horse costume.

Mime Indoor Party Game

The mime is a great indoor party game to play. You can ask your guests to pretend to be bugs, birds, or other creatures. You can even have your guests dress up like sports figures and look like them.

Birthday Party Games For Adults
Birthday Party Games For Adults

Sometimes we really need to remind ourselves that we really should not do what we did on our child’s birthday a few years ago. It may have been something that was not at all cool and looked like it, but there are some cute little people dressed in old wigs and hats. How about asking your guests to dress up like that for a night?

There are many great games that can be played on a kid’s birthday. Let’s take a look at a couple of ideas for this.

A classic birthday party game that you can play for the kids is the “hot potato” game. It is just like taking a piece of paper and spitting on it, so why not do it for the kids. You will need to purchase and; cut a large piece of paper to use for the people and put a rubber band over it so that it can’t be torn.


For the bowl, you will need a nice large bowl for this. Now make a spit by sticking a small piece of paper into the center of the bowl and wrapping the paper around. Have each kid spit the ball in the bowl and use the bowl to clean up the mess.

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