5 Best Fun Halloween Party Decoration For 2020

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Love Halloween but do not have the time to prepare all the decorations yourself? Well, this festival is all about fun, laughter, pranks, and childhood memories. So, do not worry if you are a working parent and do not have the time to decorate your home with time-consuming Halloween props. Here are some easy Halloween party decoration ideas that are really trending. You can either make them yourself or buy them online.

Halloween Party Decoration
Halloween Party Decoration

Halloween Party Decoration


The old pumpkins, reminiscent of Halloween have taken a new avatar this year with their glittery stem. Everyone is decorating the stem of their pumpkins with glitter to make them look all new and trendy.

Paper Pumpkin Balls

You can just never have enough pumpkins for Halloween. These paper pumpkins or jack-o’-lanterns can instantly deck up your space and make it look ready for the festive season. All you need to do is to cut out some facial features from black paper and stick them on orange tissue paper balls.

Splatter Paint Candy Bags

A simple Halloween party decoration idea is to get plain cloth bags from the market and get your kids to splatter some paint on it using an old toothbrush. The bags can be used for storing candy. This is a cool idea to get your kids busy and also to have a self-done party supply for the festival.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas
Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Snake Wreath

Want to create some spooky décor? How about getting some ready-made artificial snakes from the market and entangling them on a ready wreath. You can use these as spooky décor on the walls or make some children wear these. It will create a scary Halloween décor.

Eerrie snacks

Preparing a bowl of marshmallows for the kids? Prepare edible eyes and put them in the box. All you need to do is to paint some black edible ink on some white marshmallow balls and put them inside the bowl. The bowl with eyes will look spooky and scary.

Halloween Mantel

Get a ready mantel from Halloween supply stores or see if you have one in your garage. Cut out some bats from black paper and stick them on the mantel. This makes for a great backdrop for the festival. This way, there are plenty of easy Halloween party decoration ideas that you can get your kids to do.

Frozen Eyeballs Drink

Whatever drinks you are fixing for the party, you can add some frozen eyeballs inside. You can freeze peppercorns in ice trays and put the cubes in every drink glass. The kids will love the spooky eyeballs drink that is sure to scare and amuse everyone.

Creepy Candles

Want to make some scary candles. Place candles on some old wine bottles and let them burn. Then halfway through, douse the candles and paint the melted wax with black paint. These will make lovely décor for Halloween.

This way, there is no end to creativity when it comes to creating lovely Halloween décor. The décor ideas mentioned above are not time-consuming and you easily make some really interesting party props within no time.

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