Fun Birthday Party Games For Adults

Whether it is your 25th or 50th, birthdays do call for fun and special celebrations. Just because you are a grown-up does mean you cannot party with friends on your birthday. Of course, you can. One right way of livening up the celebrations is by indulging in some fun birthday party games. Party games are not just limited to kids.

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You can always gather your friends for your birthday and play some fascinating and fun games to get the action moving. If you are running short on ideas to celebrate this beautiful day in your life, here are a few party games you can try to make the event a success.

Ice Breakers And Word Games

These games do not require props. These work great for creative individuals and outgoing crowds. Brainpower is necessary for playing these games. As a host, you will have to arrange for some rewards and yes, do not forget the little sense of humor that makes things grand. Truth and dare games fall into the category of ice breakers. Here the players take turns to narrate some true facts about themselves. They can even choose to do something daring instead of telling a truth about their life. Another version of this game is one lie and two truths game. Here the player narrates two truths and one lie while the other players get into the guessing game.  There are special prices for liars fooling the other players and vice versa.

Price Is Right

This game has the guests guessing the prices of different things. This can be a fun game for lady birthday bashes. This way, you will have some of the players leaving the party with a gift. Get some cute dishtowels, smelling lotions and other accessories for this game. You can even have bottles of wine and give it as gifts if the guests can guess their prices right.

Statue Game

Statue games are not new, especially when it comes to celebrating a kid’s birthday party. However, modernists have started incorporating these games even in adult birthday party celebrations. These are group games and can be great fun if the entire guest list is participating. One person starts the game by saying ‘statue” suddenly.  The other guests need to work on this command immediately. The person found moving even after the command should leave the game. The game carries on in the same way until there is one clear winner.

Bingo Birthday Party Games

How about enjoying a bingo game on your birthday? You are never too old to enjoy such games. There are bingo cards created where each square has something matching the likes and the dislikes of the birthday gal or guy. One fun thing about this game is that people of all ages can participate in it. Even the kids!

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Prop Games

You and the guests at your party can play these games with some typical household products. They are quite interesting for individuals who have never experienced such games before.

These fun birthday party games for adults are one good way of getting all the guests actively involved. Not to forget, these games do not require any investment.

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