List Of Best Birthday Party Supplies

birthday party supplies

Are you planning a birthday party at home? Wondering what supplies to purchase from the birthday décor store? Planning a birthday party at home takes a lot of pre-planning and buying of décor and supplies. It is always better to jot down the list and go one by one to ensure that you have everything sorted for the party. Here is the ultimate birthday party supplies list.

birthday party supplies list
Birthday Party Supplies List

Birthday Party Supplies List


Balloons are pretty and inexpensive ways of décor. They instantly add vibrancy to a birthday party décor. You can select themed balloons which are easily available at the birthday supplies store or even go in for colored balloons of different styles and prints.


It is better to use an inflator to inflate your balloons. Do not try to inflate your balloons by your mouth as it can be very stressful later. Use an inflator. When it comes to sticking the balloons, do not use cello tape as this can spoil the paint of your walls. There are special glues available on the market that do not dirty your wall and can be easily erased.

Ribbons and Streamers

Colorful ribbons are an easy way to decorate your party hall or room and add lots of colors and vibrancy to the décor. You can pin them up on the walls or leave them hanging from the ceiling.

Cake and Candles

This is the most important part of any birthday. You can go in for themed cupcakes or a big birthday cake for the party. You can either bake it yourself or get a store-bought cake for the birthday party. Candles are equally important to the cake. There are different kinds of candles available on the market. You can either choose for numbered or alphabet candles or even go in for the magic pop candles that refuse to douse easily.

Paper Plates, Glasses, spoons

You will be needing lots of these for the cakes, chips, and food that you will be serving. These are an easy option to prevent you from doing loads of dishes. You can even get these as per your theme. Paper plates are easy to dispose and they are also bio-degradable.

birthday party supplies list and decor
Birthday Party Supplies List and Decor


Think and plan some fun party games to keep the children occupied. Then you need to buy the items required to play the games. These are also essential party decorations or props that you will be needing.

Masks, Caps, Poppers

These are a few other birthday supplies that kids take a lot of interest in. Keep these next to the cake table so that kids can wear the caps and play with the poppers at the time of cutting the cake.


No birthday party is complete without party favors or return gifts. These are given by the birthday girl or boy to the guests as a thank you gesture for attending the party. You can choose from a large number of options as per your budget. Most people give party favors in accordance to the theme of the party.


Kids love bursting a birthday piñata. This again is according to the theme of the party. You can burst the pinata and let the kids collect the sweets from there.

These are the common birthday party supplies that everyone buys for their birthday parties.

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