A Guide To Arrange Your Wedding Invitations, Things You Need To Know

Invitations play quite an important role. Be it a phone call or card you plan to offer, you should be organized to make sure that your guests feel like attending the occasion. The simple birthday invitations ideas may also trouble you. Therefore with wedding invitations, there is a huge amount of chances of making unforgettable mistakes.

With professional hands, things get better. However, I am here with a helping hand to offer you the best guidance in planning your wedding invitation. Therefore without any further ado, let’s get to it-

A Guide To Arrange Your Wedding Invitations, Things You Need To Know
A Guide To Arrange Your Wedding Invitations, Things You Need To Know

Wedding Invitations: Let Us Begin  With The Time-Line

We generally ask our near and dear ones to save our big date. However, sending out a reminder mail within the 6-8 month span of time can be great. Try having the reminder mail informal stating the basics about your wedding location, dates, and names. You can also attach your website if you have any.

If you plan to go with a custom wedding invitation give at least 4-5 months for the whole arrangements. Though the time period might look long, however, if you want everything to be on time, then this minimum time frame will offer you the best experience for the big day.

A formal invitation should be sent to guests at a duration of 2 months. If your wedding is a destination wedding then make it 3 months. You might feel to send the card much more before, however, there might be some guests, who might not feel the urgency to deliver you with an instant reply.

Things That You Need To Include For Invitations

A standard invitation suite comprises of-

  1. The main invitation card.
  2. An RSVP card.
  3. And an insert card.

Make sure to have an RSVP envelope attached with a corresponding return address of whoever associated with the responsibility.

Moving To The Main Invitation Card

Include your name while mentioning the name of the host as well, for instance, your parents. However, if you feel to go with informal touch, you can generally mention ‘Together with families’. Additionally, in this case, you can either go with the full names or just names.

Then state the purpose which is your wedding. Then_cite the date and time of your_wedding. After that mention your venue. There is no need to go exactly with the address. However, you can at least mention the city and the state.

You can also include a short note concerning the reception which however falls in the optional category.

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A Guide To Arrange Your Wedding Invitations, Things You Need To Know
A Guide To Arrange Your Wedding Invitations, Things You Need To Know


Well, this all about the wedding invitation. Besides offering you with the simple guideline, these are some minimalistic approaches for a perfect wedding. I have included all the necessary pointers to make your wedding invitation look sorted and organized. Therefore, start soon if you are already late with the invitation cards.

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