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50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

The 50th wedding anniversary is the most celebrated of all wedding anniversaries. It marks fifty years of companionship and love with the person who has adored all your life. Even the family members and friends of the couple are excited about celebrating these anniversaries. As a couple deeply in love with each other, you have together faced the ups and downs in life. You have built a legacy which is hard to be measured in terms of material possessions. You have touched lives through your union. Whether you are hosting your anniversary party at home or a restaurant, garden or beach, use the tips below for making the celebration special.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

Work On The Guest List Carefully

Such parties do not make it difficult for couples to decide on their guest list. If you have a big budget for the event, you can make a long list of guests, including community groups, church members, and work associates. However, if it is quite a personal affair, then try sticking to friends and family. Before starting the party, you can ask the guests to provide their favorite memories of you as a couple in writing. This way, you can call for the participation of people who cannot make it to the event. The party venue should be easily accessible for the guests. Take care of mobility-challenged individuals.

Setting The Right Stage For 50th Wedding Anniversary

When it comes to setting the stage for a 50th wedding anniversary party, make sure to have everything in gold. This is because gold is the traditional symbol for completing 50 years of marriage.  You can incorporate gold in different ways in your table settings and party decorations. Use golden paper under plates; serve beverages gold crystals; light tables with golden candles and display photos in golden frames. You can also use gold ink for writing place cards.

50th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

What About Foods And Drinks?

Fifty years of marriage means it is time to celebrate the love that has stood the test of time. Therefore, get some drinks and food items that hold meaning in your relationship. It might sound a little strange, but it is quite common to have a specific drink and food choices for the celebration. Serving your favorite food at the party will help the guests know your preferences.


Arranging music for the party should involve ma band or DJ group playing the favorite music of your wife or your husband. It can even be a song both of you love to sing while having romantic dates. Considering the 50 long years you have spent together, it is quite likely for you to know each other’s taste in music. Arrange for the same.

women playing violins

The above-mentioned party ideas can also be used by people co-workers and friends arranging a 50th wedding anniversary party for a couple. When doing so, you need to take the couple’s preferences into account. It will make the gathering a special one for the couple. Use these ideas to get started.

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