5 Kids Outdoor Party Ideas To Try

5 Kids Party Ideas In The Outdoors

Is your child’s party costing you big bucks? Children are quite excited about throwing their birthday parties, especially the ones in the age group between 5 and 10. It is this pressure from the kids that forces the parents to spend exorbitantly in meeting their kids’ demand. Times are not very far away when parents will get back to how kids parties used to be with some boring games and a few cupcakes and sausage rolls.

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But how about being a bit more creative and exploring nature outside while throwing a birthday party for your child. Here, you will find a few kids birthday ideas outdoors that will surely give the children a great time.

Kite Party

Kites are a bit elaborate, but you can always get hold of some inexpensive varieties. Throwing a kite party is fun. You can host the party at a big park and get kites for all the kids. The children will love to have their hands on this activity, maybe for the very first time. Even competitions and some rewarding games can be organized based on the kite theme. You can also give each kid a kite to take home as a party favor.

Bike Party

You can get a few kids’ bikes on rent and use them for arranging a bash at a paved track or park. Map out the route for the children and allow them to have fun in a completely exclusive manner. However, a bike party can be organized only for young kids and not for toddlers. The children should be at least ten years of age. Others below this age limit can hop on balance bikes and tricycles. You have to get a table on rent for serving snacks.

Water Party

There is nothing more enjoyable than arranging a water party for the kids in the backyard. Regardless of whether you have a pool or not, this party idea will be a blast. You can set up inflatable water slides, sprinklers, water guns, and water balloons while allowing the little ones to go wild. You will have all the little attendees shrieking with fun and joy for several hours. They will never want the party to end. Keep in mind to explain the rules of the party. Close the windows and the doors of the house and tell where the wet children are allowed. It is a good way of keeping the children cool on hot summer days.

Plant Seeds On Kids Party

Plant Seeds party is an educational, fun, and easy way of celebrating birthdays or other events while making the outdoors the party theme. Getting each child to plant a seed will help the child in understanding nature. Such parties can be made great events by using different garden tools, mini dirt cakes, flatware, and tractor rides.

5 Kids Party Ideas In The Outdoors

Camping For Kids Party

Even camping parties can be arranged on the lawn of your house.  The only thing you need to do is set up tents. Provide the children with camping sheets and ask them to bring other essential gear along. Minuscule flashlights can be given away as party favors.

Using the outdoors for a kids party gives you the chance to be as creative as you can for making the event a success.

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