5 Inexpensive Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties have become a kind of competition among modern parents. Nowadays, the majority of the parents cringe on the idea of celebrating inexpensive parties. However, the matter of the fact is even affordable and simple birthday bashes can be made exotic by using some good ideas. Regardless of whether you are celebrating your child’s first or tenth birthday, make it a point to throw a good quality yet affordable bash without the branded limousines, DJ bands, and Ferris wheels. What say? Will you be able to do so? Some birthday ideas that won’t break the bank are as follows:

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Inexpensive Parties Generally Have Short Guest Lists

You might have thoughts of inviting your kid’s entire class, his soccer friends and friends from the neighborhood for his birthday party. Simple, this idea will turn your inexpensive event into an overly priced extravaganza.  The right idea would be keeping the guest list short. Remember, the more people you invite, the more silverware, napkins, plates, food, and cups you will require. Try cutting short your guest list only to find your costs coming down.

DIY Party Decorations As Perfect Birthday Ideas

Preparing for your kid’s birthday party can be great fun. Starting from DIY hats to tablecloths, you can make your very own accessories and decorations. It can help you in saving a lot of money. Also, get some plain décor items and paint them in bright colors. You can get balloons for this purpose. Skipping the expensive party decorations and accessories does not mean your kid will remain deprived of a great event. Small but effective DIY decorations also have the potential of offering picture-perfect settings.

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Avoid Sending Invitations

There is no use wasting your money on sending paper invitations. Your invitees will do come to the party, but the invitations will get lost somewhere in the nooks and corners of their homes. Not to forget the extra money spent on personalizing the invitations and adding postage. Modernist parents are tech-savvy individuals who can send invitations through emails and SMSs. There are several creative ideas you can use for sending email invitations.

Skip The Venue

Why choose a venue when you can sue your garden or your terrace as the venue for the birthday. This idea works when you are short on budget. Of course, you would like to make your kid’s special day extra special. But it will make no significant difference if you choose the free playground in the neighborhood instead of the expensive commercial play area.

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Homemade Treats

Homemade treats like cakes and ice-creams will help you in saving a lot of bucks. Hunt down for the right recipes and have your hands on the tools you will require. This way, you will be able to prepare something your child and the other children in his age group will love to savor.

Being a bit creative with your birthday party ideas will help you in throwing an inexpensive party while making it look grand. Yay! It’s party time!

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